Carina Wendland

"Pierrot Le Fou" (1965)

10:15"The darkness of the room was like sunlight to me." — Charles Bukowski (via nojr)

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detail from the descent from the cross by rogier van der weyden, c. 1435

sylvie guillot, black chalk and watercolour
10:12"He liked her with long hair so she cut it short." — Word Story by P.P. (via bhagyawati)

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ph. Priscillia Saada

 Fruit and Flowers in a Terracotta Vase (detail), Jan van Os, 1777–8 


Hanne Gaby Odiele | OFF-DUTY (NEW YORK)

a hanne favorite

Spring-Summer 1999, A.F. Vandevorst
22:44"how stupid of me; to think I was the only flower in your garden." — 6 a.m. thoughts (via ulna)

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